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You can pay by one of the following payment methods (read instructions below):

Credit Card online via Secure Server (no surcharge, secure, fast, convenient)
Credit Card by Fax (you'll get the fax numbers while ordering)
Credit Card by Phone (you'll get the phone numbers while ordering)
Wire or Local Money Transfer (you'll get the bank account info while ordering)
Check or International Money Orders (you'll get the address while ordering)
PayPal (you must have a PayPal account to be able using this option)

To pay by any of these payment methods, click the link with the price below (after that you will be switched to an encrypted secure connection), then follow instructions. You will get all necessary information including telephone and fax numbers, mailing address and bank account details upon finishing the ordering procedure.

Please, select the appropriate number of licenses in the table shown below if you want to buy this software for several computers.

You are buying Advanced File Vault:

Single-user license = $29.95 USD

Pricing & Discounts

2 licenses = $59.90 USD per packet
5 licenses = $149.75 USD per packet
10 licenses = $299.50 USD per packet
15 licenses = $449.25 USD per packet
20 licenses = $599.00 USD per packet
25 licenses = $748.75 USD per packet
30 licenses = $898.50 USD per packet
40 licenses = $1198.00 USD per packet
50 licenses = $1497.50 USD per packet
60 licenses = $1797.00 USD per packet
70 licenses = $2096.50 USD per packet

80 licenses = $2396.00 USD per packet
90 licenses = $2695.50 USD per packet
100 licenses = $2995.00 USD per packet
150 licenses = $4492.50 USD per packet
200 licenses = $5990.00 USD per packet
300 licenses = $8985.00 USD per packet

Purchase agreement will be made between you and PayPro Global, Inc.:

PayPro Global, Inc.
250 The East Mall, Suite 1117
Toronto, Ontario M9B 6L3


3635 Johnson Ave, Suite 6M
Bronx, 10463


Berkley Square House, Berkley Square
London, W1J 6BD
United Kingdom

Your transaction will be processed in real time within several minutes if you pay by credit card online. If you pay by any other method, your transaction will be processed at the time we receive your payment. Telephone and Fax orders are usually processed within several hours; cheques - depends on mail; wire transfers - depends on banks.


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Hide or password-protect ANY file by clicking on it!

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